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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Avenue of Passion: Details of the Renaissance of the Livernois Corridor in Detroit!

Good Afternoon PPPer's, Detroiters and those of you who have never tweeted a picture of anything at all!

It's great to be a part of an urban revitalization that's moving.  A part of something that has energy, that has legs, and that has community-led momentum.  Even if we're just a small, small part.  In a previous blog post we spoke of the great things you can find in Detroit and how we were excited to work with the ULI Rose Center and Detroit's planning and economic development officials on the revitalization of the Livernois Avenue Corridor in Detroit.

Well Kim Tandy and her gang have kept the revitalization of the Livernois Avenue Corridor moving!   Check out this new article from the online "Model D" magazine.  The article is entitled:  "Avenue of Passion" and it talks about the current and future revitalization of the corridor and how the City of Detroit is helping the community spur change!

It is truly an example of one ideal form of a public-private partnership - a partnership led by the community, supported by the municipality and fueled by anchor institutions.  Best of luck Detroit!

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